Elderberry Syrup in the Instant Pot

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but life has changed and I no longer have as much free time as I used to.

This weekend I decided to finally take on making homemade elderberry syrup. Friends have been telling me to make it for years, but I was lazy and just bought it from my favorite online vitamin supplier.

However, this year I forgot to place my normal supplement order in the fall, and I ended up having to pay $15 for one 4oz bottle at our local supplement store when we caught colds last month (I typically pay $7.99 for 6oz). After that, I knew that I was going to try making my own this year.

I used these dried elderberries, which cost $19.99 for a 1lb bag. The recipe I used called for 1 1/2c of berries, and used approximately 1/3 of this bag.

I followed These Lovely Acres’ recipe found on her awesome blog!

The recipe was easy to follow, and took less than an hour, start to finish.

Dried elderberries, ginger, cinnamon, and water- all ready to pressure cook!

Now to drink my coffee and wait 10 minutes for the elderberries to do their thing in the instant pot.

I deviated from the recipe here- it said to pressure cook for 10 minutes and QR (quick release) the pressure. I didn’t want to dye my walls purple with splatter from the vent, so I did NPR (natural pressure release) for 5 minutes and had no issues QR the rest. Maybe QR right away would’ve been fine too, but I’m not a risk taker if it means more work for me!! Once the pressure is released, you set the IP on sautĂ© for 10 minutes to allow the mixture to reduce. This step smelled great!!


Once your mixture is reduced (see above) you strain it.

We (my husband helped with this step) used cheese cloth and a strainer so we could really squeeze the excess juice out of the berries, and make sure that nothing went to waste. It worked well.

I deviated from the recipe here as well. I did not put the strained mixture into the freezer for 15 minutes, or wait for it to come down to room temperature. The mixture was still very warm, but I mixed that honey right in.

I used organic wildflower honey from Aldi, which cost about $3.99. It’s 12oz by weight, which measures out to approximately 1 fluid cup. So, it’s perfect for this recipe.

Once the honey was fully incorporated into the syrup, I put the finished product into a sterilized 1qt jar. Tomorrow I will be taking it to a family get together to divide it with everyone so they can all stay healthy this winter.

I really enjoyed this weekend’s project!

The homemade elderberry syrup tastes great-it’s very robust, it’s organic, and it only cost about $10.66 to make almost a quart of elderberry syrup!! Syrup, which by the way, cost me $15 for 4oz at the grocery store just a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t organic!

I hope you give homemade elderberry syrup a try!

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